Planting a cannabis seed in an apartment: that’s what the law says.


Modified on: 10/02/2021

Can you plant a cannabis seed in an apartment?

Marijuana seeds are legal in Europe. They do not contain cannabinoids and, until they germinate, they cannot produce plants with high THC content. Cannabis planting is illegal in most European states precisely because of THC, a psychotropic substance that alters the psyche and the perception of time and space.

However, you may believe that it is possible to plant a cannabis seed in an apartment.

Besides, we need to refute this belief so that you are fully aware of what it means to grow cannabis in most European countries, whether in an apartment or another house.

Is it legal to plant a weed seed?

Planting cannabis seeds in an apartment

No, we cannot say that planting cannabis, even if it is only one seed, is legal. We will tell you that there is a legal grey area, a particular inaccuracy, but don’t risk taking the wrong advice.

In some countries, you may not go to jail if the authorities find one or two marijuana plants in your home. There is no evidence that this activity can be traced back to drug trafficking, because in those states there is no longer a criminal offence for that (unless it is clear that the grown marijuana is then distributed to third parties), but it is still an administrative offence.

If you decide to plant marijuana seeds in your home, you risk at the very least a lawsuit (perhaps even from your neighbours), and confiscation of the cannabis plant.

Many media, to capture the clicks on their sites, have published titles that praise the liberalization of home hemp growing. Still, with a careful reading of the legislation, you can understand that this is not the truth, for most European countries.

In these few lines, you can see that the crime of cannabis cultivation (except with special ministerial authorization) still exists. Still, in some countries, a glimmer of tolerance has opened up for some cases. In these countries, if before a marijuana plant found in the house automatically gives rise to a complaint about drug trafficking, it is essential to know that each situation is assessed in its true extent.

Therefore, in cases where the cannabis cultivation is of minimal size and has obvious personal connotations, this crime is not directly linked to drug trafficking and thus remains within the administrative sphere.

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What are the uses of weed seeds in Europe?

uses of cannabis seeds

After reading the previous lines, you will probably wonder what uses of cannabis seeds are allowed by European legislation; and we will now tell you all about it. Cannabis seeds sold by grow shops such as Sensory Seeds are intended for collectors, an activity practised by cannabis lovers, and can also be used for the following applications:

  • Food additives
  • Fishing Bait
  • Bird food

Their use in gastronomy, in particular, is the most widespread after the collection, thanks to their rich nutritional properties. Cannabis seeds are a complete protein food due to their content of essential amino acids for our body, also supplying vitamins (especially vitamin E) and essential mineral salts, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.

The taste of cannabis seeds is delightful and reminiscent of other “oil seeds”, such as sunflower seeds, making them perfect for the following uses in the kitchen :

  • Enriching a salad
  • Replace the sprockets in the pesto.
  • Making a crispy contribution to cookies and cakes

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Final considerations on growing cannabis seeds at home

Growing cannabis seeds at home is an activity that we do not recommend, for all the reasons we have mentioned in this article. Selling cannabis seeds online and in physical stores is legal, as is buying them, but you should limit yourself to using them in the way we have talked about in the previous paragraph, i.e. for food, or collection.

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