5 tips to know about high-yield indoor feminized auto-flowering seeds


Modified on: 27/04/2022

The best indoor feminized seeds, autoflowering and high yield: tips and advice about it

The auto-flowering feminized seeds are in high demand as they can produce easy-to-grow cannabis plants. They grow very quickly and flourish regardless of photoperiod.

It means that they produce flowers based on the age of the stem and not on the seasons. And this age is certainly not very high: they pass from germination to flowering only in a few weeks, generally from two to four. Consequently, the collection times are also short. Most auto-flowering plants are ready for flower-picking in less than ten weeks.

Among the cultivation methods preferred by producers, we find the Indoor: that is done in a greenhouse, as it allows (usually) a high yield. In addition to hoarding flowers, growers can also use smaller greenhouses as auto-flowering plants have Ruderalis genes. Therefore, they do not grow much in height.

indoor marijuana seeds

Furthermore, thanks to the short flowering times, it is possible to program the various crops in rapid succession and obtain an even more satisfactory harvest.

Of course, we are not talking about European growers: here in the UK, growing cannabis seeds is prohibited by law, as they can generate plants and flowers with a high THC content. However, in other countries, this is possible. And that’s where the best indoor and outdoor hemp seeds are produced.

But if you want to find out about it, even knowing that you can also buy collectable autoflowering-seeds without planting them, read to the following paragraphs and find out what you need to know about high-yield indoor cultivation.

1) The main high yield indoor feminized autoflowering seeds

To obtain an excellent harvest, marijuana growers do not choose dwarf auto-flowering plants, but rather cannabis seeds that produce medium-tall plants.

The yield of a cannabis plant depends on the variety and the number of branches present on the stem. And a medium-high stem usually develops a considerable number of branches.

Among the most productive indoor-feminized seeds, we find the following ones (listed in amount produced per harvest):

2) Autoflowering plants should not be repotted

The life cycle of an auto-flowering cannabis plant is rather short. Transplanting it at the wrong time could stress the plant and cause stunting. It is indeed a disadvantage, as auto-flowering plants go through the flowering cycle anyway.

And if a seedling stops growing but blooms, it produces a minimal quantity of buds.

To avoid this problem, growers tend to plant auto-flowering seeds indoors, directly in the place where the seedlings will grow, which could be soil, pots, or an inert substrate (for hydroponic cultivation).

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3) Using a rooting stimulant might be a good idea

Even the most productive feminized seeds can benefit from root stimulators, also called radical hormones or rooting stimulants.

These stimulants are capable of increasing the plant’s resistance to various stress factors, including temperature changes and the strong presence of salts in the soil. They also improve the yield of plants in terms of flower production and the assimilation of nutrients. And, as you may have guessed from the name, they stimulate root growth.

Farmers generally use organic roots stimulators which do not damage the plant and allow the development of numerous flowers. These are liquid or powdered substances, mostly hydrolysed proteins or humic substances, readily available on the market as they are widely used for crops of any type.

4) Using the right type of light is essential to obtain a good yield from autoflowering plants

autoflowering seeds uv light

Using autoflowering marijuana seeds, farmers don’t have to worry about subjecting the plants to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, as they should do with seasonal cannabis plants. Autoflowering plants can also receive 18 or 24 hours of light, but it is essential that, in indoor cultivation, artificial light also emits UV rays.

Numerous growers claim that not only ultraviolet rays improve the yield of the inflorescences but also their taste and perfume.

5) Indoor pot cultivation: special attention to the soil

Auto-flowering cannabis plants have special needs regarding the type of soil. Specifically, they prefer an airy soil that is not too rich in fertilizers.

This way, the roots can develop optimally, and the plant does not contain an excess of nutrients. In this regard, it is rare for growers to use ready mixes, which may contain too many fertilizers and too much nitrogen.

It is better to independently create the perfect blend by combining peat, compost, vermiculite and perlite.

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