3 reasons to choose Lemon Haze seeds


Modified on: 10/02/2021

Auto and feminized Lemon Haze seeds: why you should buy them now!

Lemon Haze seeds are among the most demanded marijuana seeds online; this is a historical variety, famous and much appreciated by all fans of these products! In our online cannabis seeds shop, you will find Lemon Haze XXL Auto seeds in the Psycho XXL Automix Kit and Super Lemon Haze feminized seeds in the Dream Team Feminized Mix kit.

Both qualities are truly spectacular, but today – in response to our customers’ frequent requests – we will focus more on the seeds of Lemon Haze XXL Auto. Their genetics are predominantly Sativa and can produce plants with unmistakable aromas and flavours of lemon, citrus and pine.

So why choose these weed seeds in particular?

Here are 3 reasons that will answer your questions about it!

cannabis seeds Lemon Haze

1) Seeds Lemon Haze XXL Auto: exceptional genetics!

The first reason why you should buy Lemon Haze XXL Auto seeds with our Psycho XXL Automix kit is their very valuable genetics. These sativa-prevalent auto flower seeds come from two world-renowned strains. Here are the ones:

  • Jack Herer Auto: This autoflowering cannabis strain has 50% Sativa, 40% indica and 10% ruderalis genetics, resulting in a very fast-growing and resistant plant (the flowers ripen and are ready for harvesting just 9 or 10 weeks after sowing). The scents of Jack Herer Auto’s buds are very fresh and peppery, while the taste is spicy: strongly reminiscent of the aromatic plants used in cooking! What about the effects? From an initial euphoric impact to the relaxation of the limbs, which is one of the most sought-after results by cannabis connoisseurs.
  • Lemon Haze is coming from the cross between Lemon Skunk and Amnesia Haze. It is one of the most potent cannabis strains (THC levels are around 20%) with Sativa dominance, perfect for both Outdoor and Indoor crops, as the stems usually don’t reach a meter in height. The aroma recalls its name: the flowers smell of citrus peel while, when smoked, it is easy to feel a strong taste of lemon candy.

From these fantastic genetics comes the Lemon Haze XXL Auto, a highly sought-after autoflowering cannabis variety with an average THC of 19% and psychedelic effects!

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2) Lemon Haze XXL Auto: automatic flowering and excellent yield.

The main feature of the Lemon Haze XXL Auto plant is the automatic flowering in a short time. The auto flower seeds of this cannabis strain produce plants that flower within 75 days of sowing, almost a record-breaking one!

Besides, the yield is remarkable for an auto-flowering plant: 300 to 550 g/sqm when grown Indoor and 60 to 330 g per plant when grown Outdoor.

It is also important to note that these plants flower automatically, regardless of the amount of light received. Unlike seasonal cannabis, which blooms when it receives 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light, auto-flowering marijuana blooms according to its age (quite young!).

The cannabis plant development depends on seasons and photoperiod. Regular cannabis flowers after several months, while automatic cannabis flowers in 9-10 weeks.

lemon haze weed seeds greenhouse

To sum up, auto-flowering cannabis seeds like those of Lemon Haze XXL Auto give birth to plants with automatic flowering, which happens very quickly. Growers can start harvesting their buds just 11 weeks after sowing!

Furthermore, they are sure that the seedlings are feminized, as auto-flowering marijuana seeds are also feminized seeds.

3) Autoflowering feminized seeds: why should you choose Lemon Haze XXL Auto seeds?

You should know that the auto-flowering weed seeds available in our shop are also feminized. In contrast, feminized seeds are not all autoflowering, which is why on SensorySeeds.com, you will find two distinct categories.

It means that the plants from which the seeds of Lemon Haze XXL Auto and other auto varieties are grown have been treated hormonally. Feminized seeds have a 95 to 99% chance of creating female cannabis plants (the classic, untreated ones have only 50% chance) and are therefore highly sought after by growers.

The advantages of feminized autoflowering seeds are remarkable:

  1. The resulting plant has high-speed growth, and because of its small stature, it adapts well to Indoor as well as Outdoor and Greenhouse crops.
  2. The flowering of auto-flowering plants is automatic. It does not depend on the seasons but on the short development time of the plant. The harvest usually takes place within 11 weeks.
  3. Seeds have a 95 to 99% chance of generating female plants.

Female marijuana plants are perfect for growers because, unlike male plants, they produce flowers rich in cannabinoids. Thanks to feminized cannabis seeds, farmers do not have to keep a particular eye on the plantation to eradicate male seedlings or despair about the birth of a male marijuana plant, as there is very little chance of this happening.

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Lemon Haze XXL Auto seeds contain all the ideal characteristics of cannabis!

As you may have realized while reading this article, Lemon Haze XXL Auto seeds are perfect:

  • The seeds are feminized
  • They come from the crossbreeding of very valuable cannabis strains
  • The plants have automatic and very fast flowering
  • The flowers are rich in cannabinoids, with average THC values of 19%
  • Lemon Haze XXL Auto’s buds have psychedelic effects (as well as unique aromas and flavours)
  • The yield of the plants is high and far exceeds many auto-flowering plants

That’s not all: with our Psycho XXL Automix Kit you will receive as many as 3 seeds of Lemon Haze XXL Auto, along with 9 other seeds (3 each) of the following varieties:

  • Amnesia XXL Car
  • AK XXL Car
  • London Cheese XXL Cars

Buy it now on Sensoryseeds.com!